Patient Feedback

Rande Lucas was one of the acupuncturists suggested by my oncology team and she helped me by giving me treatment for post-surgical pain, anxiety, and overall healing. One thing I like about Rande is her dual training as a RN and an acupuncturist as this allows her to understand medical conditions from both perspectives. I would highly recommend Alpenglow Acupuncture to people who need compassionate and gentle treatment, both needle and non-needle techniques, for any acute or chronic conditions.


I have AFIB (atrial fibrillation) and would prefer not to take the regiment of quite caustic meds that are typically recommended. Instead, I have chosen acupuncture and a regiment of supplements and herbs. As an ex-cardiac nurse and now acupuncturist, Rande fully understand my situation and has treated me accordingly. She has been very straightforward as to what to expect and not expect from acupuncture. Currently, my AFIB seems controlled and I credit this, at least partially, to the treatments I have received from Rande. She is a pleasure to work with and I believe whenever conditions can be treated more naturally, that is a huge success.


Real care from real healers. Have gone to a few places in Anchorage and feel like I have found what I was looking for. I even went to see them after a serious accident when my usual doc was out of town and they took really great care of me.


My wife has had a headache for 15 days. She went to the family doctor to get a shot of toradol. 18 hours of relief. Then a trip to the ER. She had a catscan and more shots to mask the pain. After one trip to Alpenglow Acupuncture -so far so good. AMAZING RESULTS!